Case Study

Once a mixed farm with a blend of beef, sheep, and arable enterprises, Welstor Farm, located on Dartmoor, is currently in the midst of a transformation. It's shifting its focus towards crop cultivation while reducing its sheep population. These changes have necessitated the acquisition of new machinery and equipment. Since 2022, the working relationship between James Pryce Tractors and fourth-generation farmer Alex has blossomed.

Stretching over 1600 acres of land, a significant portion of which has recently transitioned to arable crops like barley, wheat, and oats, the farm had a pressing need for more horsepower. Upon understanding Alex's farm requirements, Area Sales Manager Martin Hobbs promptly provided a demonstration of the Case IH Puma 175 CVXDrive.

"We initially expected it to be similar to a competitor's tractor, but we were pleasantly surprised to find it outshined it in several ways," Alex comments. "The comfort level was unparalleled, making long days in the cab far more enjoyable. Its performance in the field, whether ploughing, cultivating, or drilling, was outstanding. And with the user-friendly continuously variable transmission, operating it was a breeze. Buying it was a no-brainer."

Following this, the farm enhanced its arable equipment. Martin arranged the sale of equipment from one of James Pryce's trusted suppliers, Maschio, to Alex. Despite the option of a demo, Alex's confidence in the quality, assured both by Martin and friends, led him to purchase a Maschio power harrow & combi-drill outright, a decision he has not looked back on.

"We've been genuinely impressed with James Pryce's service and have since made additional purchases, including an MX loader to fit a John Deere, four MX implements, and a Maschio Girraffa topper," Alex adds.

Alex often has friendly catch-ups with Martin, who frequently drops by to check on the farm's progress, often bringing parts in tow.