With a rich history spanning over 100 years, Vicon stands as a trusted provider of spreading, baling, spraying, and foraging equipment. Their extensive experience and relentless commitment to innovation have earned them a prominent position in the industry. Having sold over 2 million machines, Vicon's track record speaks for itself.


What sets Vicon apart is their iconic premium offering of high-end implements. Their range of products surpasses expectations in terms of quality and performance. From spreaders to triple-disc movers, 4-rotor rakes to FastBale non-stop baler wrappers, Vicon offers comprehensive solutions that make grass harvesting efficient, enjoyable, and ultimately successful.

At Vicon, they firmly believe that settling for the best possible harvesting strategy is crucial for achieving maximum yield and optimising the nutritional value per hectare of harvested crops. They understand the importance of adaptability in farming, and their equipment is designed to accommodate varying seasonal effects such as changing crop conditions and crop intensity throughout the season.

Vicon's unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional harvesting solutions ensures that farmers can rely on their equipment to meet the challenges of the ever-changing agricultural landscape. With their expertise and cutting-edge technology, Vicon empowers farmers to achieve optimal results and make the most of their harvests.

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