Sumo, the leading British designer and manufacturer of cultivation and seeding equipment, takes pride in producing the most innovative and durable machinery available in the market. With a dedicated team of experienced and highly skilled professionals, Sumo ensures that their machines are built to last, providing long-term reliability to farmers


Their range of efficient, British-built cultivation and seeding farm machinery plays a vital role in helping farmers lower input costs, improve yields, and protect the environment. Sumo understands the importance of sustainable agriculture and embraces the principles of Conservation Agriculture. By placing soil at the centre of the farm universe, Sumo's machinery aids in protecting the soil from erosion and degradation, enhancing its biodiversity, and safeguarding essential natural resources such as water and air.

Through the adoption of Conservation Agriculture, farmers can experience lower crop establishment input costs while increasing yields. By prioritising the health and well-being of the soil, farmers are not only protecting the environment but also optimising their bottom line. Sumo's commitment to evolving with the times and focusing on Conservation Agriculture reinforces their dedication to providing solutions that benefit both farmers and the planet.

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