DELFINO DL Power Harrow 30 – 120hp

The DELFINO DL Power Harrow has been designed for smaller farms and cultivation in specialised areas such as vineyards, amenity and orchards where the width of the machine is very important.

As most of the tractors used in these areas are low horse power, the DELFINO DL is relatively light, plus the specially designed tines allow the soil to be broken up with as little as 30hp on the smaller machines.

All in all the DELFINO DL is a narrow low horse power machine packed with big features similar to those seen on the full range of Maschio Rigid Power Harrows.

Main Features

  • Cat I/II
  • 6 Spline PTO Shaft With Slip Clutch
  • Mechanical Adjustment Rear Roller
  • Single Speed 540 rpm Gearbox Giving 290rpm rotor speed
  • Parallel Side Deflectors


The DELFINO DL + DELFINO SUPER power harrows come with a strong single speed gearbox with 540rpm input giving 290rpm rotor revs.

*Only on 2.3m and 2.5m models

Comes with a standard shear bolt protected PTO shaft but can be supplied with a PTO slip clutch as an optional extra.

The 1300 and 1500 model comes as standard with Cat I 3 point hitches, the 1800 – 2500 come as standard with Cat II hitches.

The working depth of the rotors is controlled by a clever pin system which gives you a large range of depth adjustment.

25cm spacing between the rotors gives Maschio power harrows more rotors than many other power harrows on the market today, it also lowers the horsepower requirement and most importantly leaves a finer tilth.

(19º) The tine rotors are all positioned at different angles which allow the power harrow to gradually dig into the soil reducing the vibration transmitted to the tractor and reducing peak loads on the driveline resulting in smoother operation and less fuel consumption.

The DELFINO DL Power Harrow utilises bolt on, cost effective, specially designed tines.

Tine length is 28cm, thickness 12mm and are made from specially tempered Swedish boron steel.

The POWER HARROW rollers adapt the machines for different types of soil and different requirements of seed bed preparation. Two types are available on the DELFINO DL- cage roller and packer roller.

Cage Roller – Ø370mm & Ø450mm

Works well on medium soil types and in low moisture conditions creating a good seed bed.

Packer Roller – Ø450mm & Ø500mm

The toothed Packer Roller works well breaking up any surface clods further and at the same leaving an excellent finish, ready for seeding. This roller also comes standard with tungsten coated scrapers.

Rear Roller Bearings

Strength is designed in to the build of each type of roller and the end bearings are protected by their casings whilst grease nipples are positioned out of harm’s way.

Levelling Bar

The levelling bars on all models above the DL are mounted on the rear roller, this ensures that the levelling bar does not have to be altered every time the power harrow is adjusted for depth. The adjustment of the levelling bar allows the operator to ensure an even ‘bed’ of soil is presented to the rear roller for consolidation giving a consistent finish behind the power harrow. The levelling bar can also be used to keep soil, particularly clods, in the rotor area so that it is broken down to a finer particle size before passing underneath the bar and roller.

Tungsten Scrapers

Adjustable ‘Long Life’ Tungsten scrapers are fitted to all packer rollers and rubber rollers, they are positioned low, close to the soil at the rear of the roller ensuring soil does not build up into large clumps before being cleaned off.

All Maschio tines are produced in Italy by Maschio and are made from high quality Boron tempered steel to provide reliability during work and long lasting performance. They are made on a robotic production line to guarantee that from the first to the last they are all of the finest quality.

To assure you of the quality of the Maschio tines, Maschio guarantee the tines for their life…. “So if you break one we replace it!” all completely free of charge.

Point options include:

Standard QUICKFIT tines

Standard QUICKFIT tines

Rotor Design

The rotor splines are pressed into the shaft not machined, resulting in much stronger teeth and a more robust rotor shaft capable of transmitting higher torque.

The 55mm rotor shaft gives added strength to the drive-line ensuring years of hassle free operation.

Maschio Power Harrows feature ‘heavy duty’ Labyrinth seals that prevent water and soil penetrating the rotor and gearbox, this also prevent oil escaping even after many seasons of use.

The Labyrinth seal guarantees a perfect seal allowing both bearings to be maintenance-free.

The Maschio rotor system has a long shaft and reinforced bearings that are spaced as far apart as possible to cope with the twisting force and torque applied to the rotor.

Hardened gears submerged in oil transfer the power from the drive-line to the rotor tines.

Each rotor has a separate cover which allows the bearings to be checked or changed without the need of completely removing the whole transmission trough cover.


Models Delfino DL – Standard Equipment
1300 Single speed gearbox with 540 rpm PTO
Rotor revs (rpm): 290
1500 Slip clutch PTO shaft (1″ 3/8 6 spline tractor side yoke)
1800 Universal three point hitch cat. I (1.3m – 1.5m) cat II. (1.8m-2.5m)
2000 Off set front hitches
Rear roller with central mechanical adjustment
2300 Versions below 2300 have low gearboxes to match smaller tractors
Side dampened protectors
2500 «CE» safety guards

Technical Specification

DELFINO DL Power Harrow 30-120hp

Options and Accessories

Model No. Description
11M99500758 Cat. IV sleeve kit
11M99500939 Downwards Floating kit
11M99500940 Hydraulic transport trolley kit
11M99524015 Pair of track erradicators with pin adjustment and safety shear bolt
11M99524016 Pair of track erradicators with pin adjustment and safety spring reset
11M99524007 Cat.III quick coupling

Download Brochure

Download Power Harrows Brochure