TORO Rapido Power Harrow

The TORO RAPIDO PLUS is designed around the rigid model ORSO, primary for contractors and large farms with the need to work in demanding conditions and in stoney conditions. Available in 5m, 6m or 7m working widths.

It comes as standard with a Multi-speed gearbox with two sets of gears allowing the operator to change the rotor rpm to suit different working requirements. It also comes with QuickFit tines and QuickPlus stone deflectors. When designing the Toro model Maschio introduced a new style double rail barrel
bearing that gives high load capacity and up to 30% extended life compared to traditional taper roller bearings.

Main Features

• Cat III
• 20 Spline PTO Shaft
• Long Life Side PTO Shafts with Cam Clutch
• Gearbox Speed 1000 rpm Giving 350 rpm Rotor Speed (16-22 gears)
• Rear PTO
• Side Gearbox cooling Fans
• Rapido quick fit tines
• Stone deflectors
• Central ridge eradicator
• Rear levelling bar with mechanical adjustment
• Hydraulic adjustment of rear roller
• Long dampened side deflectors
• Wing floating facility (upwards)
• Hydraulic Transport Locks
• Rear Lights c/w marker boards
• Gearbox lubricated by synthetic oil



The TORO Power Harrow utilises a high power multi-speed gearbox with hardened tempered gears and is capable of transmitting up to 400 hp (283 KW). The TORO comes as standard with one set of gears and an optional extra set of gears allowing the operator to alter the ratio and choose from either 350 rpm (standard: 16-22 gear set) or 395 rpm (optional: 18-22 gear set).

The TORO comes as standard with a PTO shaft (1″ 3/8 20 tractor side) with two (LONG LIFE) side PTO shafts c/w cam clutch

Cat. III three point swinging hitches allow the machine to be connected to the tractor with ease and prevent heavy stresses being applied to the power harrow and tractor when working on undulating ground as the swinging hitches allow the machine to float whist still being securely attached to the tractor.

The Toro Power Harrow uses two hydraulic cylinders (four hydraulic cylinders on the 7m model) with an auto balancing system to control the depth.

25cm spacing between the rotors give Maschio Power Harrows more rotors than many other power harrows on the market today, it also lowers the horsepower requirement and most importantly leaves a finer tilth.

The tine rotors are all positioned at different angles which allow the power harrow to gradually dig into the soil reducing the vibration transmitted to the tractor and reducing peak loads on the driveline resulting in smoother operation and less fuel consumption.

The image above shows the strength that is built into the Maschio power harrow transmission trough. It has been put through rigorous testing with extreme loads to ensure it’s one of the strongest on the market.

On the TORO RAPIDO PLUS Power Harrow comes with the double skin transmission trough consisting of an inner 6mm steel trough and a 5mm outer skin, resulting in 11mm thickness in total.

The outer skin prevents stones and other objects damaging the inner skin and also gives a huge amount of strength to the main trough which needs to cope with the power that is transmitted through the drive line and all the stresses and vibrations during work.

The extra long side guards prevent soil spilling from the side of the power harrow and leaving ridges and lines during work. The guards have built in spring dampeners that absorb the collisions from large stones preventing damage.

The TORO RAPIDO PLUS Power Harrow uses thetine system which allows the user to replace rotor tines quickly with one turn of the QUICKFIT tool, this minimises downtime and increases safety.

The ON-GRIP tines are ideal for working in hard uncultivated soils with crop residues. Due to the shape of the blades you get excellent mixing of soil, it also leaves a large proportion of the large course soil on the surface preventing the top layer of soil creating a water tight crust.

The ON-GRIP tines can also be reversed to ON-SLIDE to work more like a standard power harrow blade producing a finer tilth on the surface if required.

QUICKPLUS is a bolt on shield system which fits just in-front of the rotor as it comes out of the transmission trough, preventing stones and debris colliding with the rotor and gearbox, in turn this helps to push the stones down to the lower cultivated area.

Folding power harrows come with road transport lights and safety reflectors as standard.

The Lock/Unlock is automatic allowing the operator to be in the cab safely away from the power harrow during folding and unfolding.

The floating system guarantees constant working depth on undulating ground giving the TORO Power Harrow 3% upward and 3% downwards movement on each wing. The float can be deactivated by using the hydraulic locking system from inside the tractor cab.

The TORO RAPIDO PLUS Power Harrow folds to 2.4m for safe road transport.

Side gearboxes are fitted with an integral fan, allowing the gearboxes to be completely self contained with no need for separate oil coolers, fans and extra pipe work routed around the machine that could be damaged and cause the gearbox to fail.

The POWER HARROW rollers adapt the machines for different types of soil and different requirements of seed bed preparation. Three types are available on the TORO Rapido Plus – packer roller, guttler roller and combi packer.

Packer Roller – Ø500mm

The toothed Packer Roller works well breaking up any surface clods further and at the same leaving an excellent finish, ready for seeding. This roller also comes standard with tungsten coated scrapers.

Guttler Roller – Ø450mm

The acrylic/special cast Guttler roller is the ideal solution for reducing weight and yet still aggressively cultivating the soil. It also concentrates consolidation in line with drill coulters and stays clean in tacky conditions.

Combi Packer – Ø500mm

The Combi Packer is designed to consolidate the soil in line with the seeding coulters to achieve a constant seeding depth for a more uniform plant emergence. Outer lugs on the roller give a driving action on high residues or soil that can stall rollers.

Rear Roller Bearings

Strength is designed in to the build of each type of roller and the end bearings are protected by their casings whilst grease nipples are positioned out of harm’s way.

Levelling Bar

The levelling bars on all models above the DL are mounted on the rear roller, this ensures that the levelling bar does not have to be altered every time the power harrow is adjusted for depth. The adjustment of the levelling bar allows the operator to ensure an even ‘bed’ of soil is presented to the rear roller for consolidation giving a consistent finish behind the power harrow. The levelling bar can also be used to keep soil, particularly clods, in the rotor area so that it is broken down to a finer particle size before passing underneath the bar and roller.

Tungsten Scrapers

Adjustable ‘Long Life’ Tungsten scrapers are fitted to all packer rollers and rubber rollers, they are positioned low, close to the soil at the rear of the roller ensuring soil does not build up into large clumps before being cleaned off.

All Maschio tines are produced in Italy by Maschio and are made from high quality Boron tempered steel to provide reliability during work and long lasting performance. They are made on a robotic production line to guarantee that from the first to the last they are all of the finest quality.

To assure you of the quality of the Maschio tines, Maschio guarantee the tines for their life…. “So if you break one we replace it!” all completely free of charge.

Point options include:

Standard QUICKFIT tines

Standard QUICKFIT tines

Slide “ON GRIP – ON SLIDE” tines, ideal for working in hard or un-cultivated soil when used on grip.

Standard QUICKFIT tungsten coated tines

Rotor Design

The rotor splines are pressed into the shaft not machined, resulting in much stronger teeth and a more robust rotor shaft capable of transmitting higher torque.

The Rotor shaft is made from 42 CrMo 4, hardened and tempered at 300 HB Which can increase its life by up to 62%

The 55mm rotor shaft gives added strength to the drive-line ensuring years of hassle free operation.

The TORO Power Harrow uses a Cassette Seal below the top bearing sealing in a large quantity of grease allowing the top bearing to be maintenance free. The Cassette Seals are approximately ten times more resistant to dirt than standard sealing systems.

Maschio Power Harrows feature ‘heavy duty’ Labyrinth seals that prevent water and soil penetrating the rotor and gearbox and also prevent oil escaping even after many seasons of use.

The Labyrinth seal is specially designed for Maschio Power Harrows and is made from cellular polyurethane, this is the best material to guarantee a perfect seal and also provides excellent durability thanks to its wear and age resistance.

The Maschio rotor system has a long shaft and reinforced bearings that are spaced as far apart as possible to cope with the twisting force and torque applied to the rotor.

Hardened gears submerged in oil transfer the power from the drive-line to the rotor tines.

Each rotor has a separate cover which allows the bearings to be checked or changed without the need of completely removing the whole transmission trough cover.

The TORO RAPIDO PLUS Power Harrow uses barrel roller bearings, each bearing has a double rail consisting of two rows of spherical or barrel bearings to cope with heavy workloads.

Main Advantages:

Long Life (Up to 30% longer life than traditional taper roller bearings)

High Load Capacity (Multi axial shock resistance)

Easy Maintenance (One of Maschio’s main philosophies)

The integrated dipstick with built in breather allows oil levels to be checked and controlled easily.


Models Toro Rapido Plus – Standard Equipment
5000 1000 rpm main gearbox
1000 rpm PTO side gearboxes fitted with fan oil coolers c/w cam clutch
Pair of standard gears: 16-22, 15-24
Rotor revolution PTO 1000 rpm : 350
Quick PTO shaft protection removal
Heavy duty gear-tray with double reinforcement
6000 Round blade-holders
Bolt on steel deflectors (PLUS)
Long dampened side protections
Quick blade release
Universal three point hitch, cat. III
Rear lights for transport c/w marker boards
Hydraulic folding system adjustment
7000 Safety hydraulic locks for transport
Folded power harrow width: 240 cm
2 blades per rotor
Central eradicator
Hydraulic depth adjustment
«CE» safety guards (supplied assembled)

Technical Specification

TORO Rapido Plus Power Harrow 160-380hp

Options and Accessories

Model No. Description
11M99500758 Cat. IV sleeve kit
11M99500939 Downwards Floating kit
11M99500940 Hydraulic transport trolley kit
11M99524015 Pair of track erradicators with pin adjustment and safety shear bolt
11M99524016 Pair of track erradicators with pin adjustment and safety spring reset
11M99524007 Cat.III quick coupling

Download Brochure

Download Power Harrows Brochure